Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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About Dr. Gary Brown

Dr. Brown is a licensed psychotherapist in the State of California. In his private practice he works with individuals, couples, and families through various transitions of life including childhood, adolescence, courtship, marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, adult life, and mature life.

Crisis and Disaster Mental Health Specialist

As part of his practice, Dr. Brown is a specialist in the area of Critical Incident Response and Critical Incident Education. He is a clinical member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. He holds two board certifications as an expert in traumatic stress (BCETS) and crisis response (BCECR). He has been honored with a designation as a distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (FAAETS).

One of the most active and experienced pre-incident, on-scene, and post-incident disaster mental health specialists in the United States, he serves as a crisis intervention responder for numerous public and private organizations. He provides direct services to those who are immediately impacted and frequently works with incident commanders and others tasked with the responsibilities of emergency response.

He is frequently requested to provide crisis response services and over the years has responded to hundreds of incidents and assisted thousand of survivors and responders.

As you can imagine, having worked in the field spanning three decades, his “toolbox” of the services he provides is quite extensive, multi-modal, organized, and comprehensive, supported by data based evidence, and reflects current best practices.

Educator and Consultant

In addition to providing direct crisis interventions services, Dr. Brown also provides consultation, lectures, workshops, and trainings. He brings to his consulting practice a rich background in the field of education. He earned a Teaching Credential for Life upon completing a graduate course of study in the School of Education at the University of Southern California.

Much of his efforts in the area of critical incident education focuses on basic and advanced planning. Topics include incidents involving violence in the workplace as well as other types of man-made, naturally occurring, and technological events. These educational activities help organizations to more effectively respond to potential incidents and also help to speed up the recovery for those who are impacted.

A consultant to various local, regional, and national media outlets, he has also appeared on The Learning Channel’s production of “The Secret World of Paramedics” and has appeared on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC as well as being interviewed and quoted in various electronic and print media.

In addition, he is a combat veteran who served on two deployments in the United States Navy.

At present, he is attempting to further the application of various crisis-intervention theories and strategies as they apply to primary victims of trauma as well as emergency service workers who must respond to traumatic events. He is particularly interested in two specific aspects of critical incidents: (1) prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder and, (2) pre-incident planning and education for both the public and business sectors.