Critical Incident Response, Consultation, and Training

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Dr. Gary Brown, PhD, LMFT, FAAETS, BCETS

(310) 208-3105

Welcome to Los Angeles Critical Incident Response.

As part of my private practice, I have been working in the area of crisis intervention for more than 25 years. My experience in the field of crisis intervention is extensive and broad including responding directly on-scene to hundreds of small, medium, and large incidents. Some of the organizations that I serve include medical centers/healthcare systems; the first response community; FEMA; NASA; DOD; the business sector; local, state, and national governments; Employee Assistance Programs; Human Resources; and disaster relief organizations.
This Website is designed to assist you and your organization in three specific areas:
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Crisis Response Services
If you just had or are currently experiencing a critical incident and one or more of your employees, staff, or contracted personnel are impacted, and you would like a initial assessment for the appropriateness of crisis intervention services, please click here for my emergency contact information.
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Crisis Intervention Training
I offer a wide variety of training and workshops designed for the specific needs and interests of organizations and related stakeholders who may be impacted by a traumatic event and/or who may be tasked with the mission of responding to these events.
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Pre-Incident Planning
It may be that you are not in a crisis, but understand the necessity and benefits of pre-planning. This puts you way ahead of the curve. In order to help you proactively, I can assist you and you and your organization with risk assessments, incident action plans, and even potentially develop or revitalize an in-house Crisis Response Team.
For more information specific to your particular area of interest, simply click on one of the icons below.

Thank you so much for visiting the LA Critical Incident Response website. I hope that you find the contents of this website informative and useful. As I want to make sure that this website is serving your needs, please contact me as I truly welcome any feedback that you would like to offer.

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